И вода

by Чёрный хлеб

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released May 2, 2018


all rights reserved



Чёрный хлеб Gdańsk, Poland

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Track Name: Good nut
Good nut
sleep not
not me
means you
Write a song on your chest
ride a bike and shut up
you should be very happy
with such a great guy like me
Some people are nicer than the others
Some people less nicer than the others
But if you want you can sit on my skateboard
Mind gap
mind the gap
lifelike dry lake
warm nice red may
go get some food
Cool down in the pocket thin little key
By such a great cold like me
Some summers are nicer than the others
Some summers less nicer than the others
But if you saw I can strike sun arrow
Track Name: Chase the laughter
They came on time
Expecting, not knowing
Who could have possibly know
What's new dark breakfast India cunt of Shiva know oh no all just sold
and he too lack of martinet chaplisness struck and oxford stuff
not fools to be taken heavenly know why?
He liked to talk a being
he thought he could see
he knew
he knew nothing

they came on time
the travel a lot of prayers
and layers and layers and layers

into the house of the master who can run faster chase the laughter

the department of planning is having a get together they're very clever
and he was so busy pretending what he thought he couldn't understand that he crossed the line he raced time he was hopelessly mine

who could've possibly known chasing time down the escalators for the benefit of fragile roxy cried thief

thy if
taking back was the key
taking back was the key lookout for the holy ghost superstar caviar on toast
he was unprepared
consciousness was spared he touched the wall but the edge of the centre of the family cried

who can enter
3 you'll agree
is all you ever get to see
3 you'll agree
is all you ever get to see

Well will see smoke and masks
passcodes cracked armour chessboard
hexagrams …of leather...with biblical hands touching

it's all a better of light
into the house of the master
who can run faster chase the laughter
he was left in the dust

what he bored?
He never knew
and what he lost
he could never see
and what he has left?
is up to me
now, where's the laughter?
It's from the here and after
can't you agree
that nothing we see is the same for you and me
can't you agree that nothing we see is the same for you and me
well if you can't here is the chant
faster and faster
chase the laughter
Track Name: Lato na wynos
In this terrible winter
We gonna make it crow
She saw me indigo
She thought I'm indigo
But I'm not at all

We'll fly away
Frozen birds
But now it's too late
Let's then warm the earth
Don't eat the bread from the mate
In a red hat
Don't hesitate
No regret

Good Knight of death
Big shortcut
No regrets
Let's draw the light
My night is white
Your day is black
Don't live to fight
No regret
Small target
Big plans
Sing it light
No regrets

Don't envy the sky
The only one to be tricked is you
Come inside of mine
I saw a flamingo
You'll see the flamingo too

The sparkles in your eyes
Lost found nice
Up the hill we go
Hello Hello
Goodbye I still don't know your names
I'm not the one to chase
Or to be chased don't waste
Your time
For a while
I'm yours
You are mine
I lived at the mine
You didn't
The words are better
When you mean it
Track Name: Diving in my soul
Usage is a slight penetration
Inside to my inner parts
U left something lying
But when I blow It's getting To a hurricane
Sitting in the darkness
But may I ask What's that for
U bought threads and needles
And put one inside my throat
Such a nice flow
Trusting the world with the entire soul
Physical mental
May I ask
What's that for
Carpet on the floor
May I ask What's that for
May I ask
Should I give more
May I ask
For dying on the dance floor
May I ask
What does come at last
Dust between my arms
An eye between my eyes
Lust between your legs
A dice between two mice
A Creep between my feet
Devil on my shoulder
Spices in ur meat
Let's cross the boarder
Standing on the seat
Jumping on the bed
Moving forward and back
Staying until the end
Sitting on your neck
Feeling the lack
Of what
May I ask what’s That for
Doing with no reason
Living in the nowhere
From season to season
From Moscow to Lisbon
From summer to spring
From winter to fall
U r my miserable goal
Downloading the software
For not being cold
And never alone
Don't let me fall
Diving in my soul
Fuck love
Let's fuck Love
We loved more
Than were allowed
It's in the parcel on the cloud
The silence's always getting loud
We loved more
Than were allowed
Track Name: Don't say so
Where are you gonna stay tonight? 
People smile and people fight 
They can help or they cannot 
Everyday i smoke a pot 
Wanna stay or wanna go? 
Tired of making decisions? 
Don't say so 
Don't say so 
Don't say so 
To me 
Don't say so 
Don't say so 
Don't say so 
To me 
People talk and people walk 
People cheat and people sneak 
People fear and people scare
You can never be prepared 
How many times you broke the low? 
Fed up of questions? 
Track Name: Sexy Black Riding Hood
I saw a crow in the crowd
He was sexy and black
Going all around
With a scarf around his neck
In a cloud of smoke
In the sea of sound
In the smoke of a cloud
He likes Stick 'n' Poke
Sexy black riding hood
Running through the wood
Trees of concrete
He is gonna pass them with the wind
All the sparrows hide
Being afraid of his knife
You had better go
he's gonna to start his show
The day is blind
In the middle of the night
All the ghosts are by his side
All his thoughts would kill your mind
Cold air stands still
He is about to meet someone here
No hatred in his veins to feel
But you could be his meal
I was lost in the dark
Then I saw a bright spark
Let's go arching
Cover me with your black wing
Flying through the lives
Crossing the lines
Making him home fries
Keeping warmth inside a dice
Track Name: Всем
С тенью, длинною в небо,
Я следую в никуда
С одной планеты на другую планету
Что было, что не было- зря

Никогда не просила спасения,
Но все бросались спасать.
Одним лишь ветром гонимая,
От ветра пришлось убегать.

На зубах песок, на спине – рюкзак
Я устала идти под началом луны
Я только живу, чтоб отдать долги
Всем, решившим меня спасти.

Какой отвратительный запах,
Мокрый пустой серый цвет
Я брожу вокруг зажигалок,
Горящих в чужой темноте.

Мне достаточно маленькой спички,
Прошу, не жалейте меня!
И я ни о чем не жалею,
Лишь под ногами болит земля.

Моя спичка погасла в том небе,
Я уже умерла за тебя.
Никогда не просила спасения,
Все бросались спасать меня.

Я всего лишь прошу о прощении
На своем петлявшем пути,
У хороших, у глупых и умных-
Всех, решивших меня спасти.
Track Name: С днём рождения
Молочно белые белки затмили пустоту внутри
Смотри, попутный ветер
Где? А, всё..прошёл, придёт ещё
Не бойся бога- всё враньё
Ты тянешь- я толкаю
Так дальше бродом мы пройдём
Сквозь грани осознания
Ты хочешь петь- кричи
Кричать ты хочешь- пей
Крепкий чай, не отмечай
Рождения день, уж минул он
Давно тому назад
Давай отметим лучше жизнь
Прасад, масала, печь пирог
Нам будет его мало
Но это ведь не повод для провала
Нам не нужны страданья,
Всё просочиться, не боись,
Сквозь призму осознания

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